More about the Artist and Writer

Writing Statement

I am continuing to evolve my voice. I write with active, robust language. When I write creatively, I like to capture the sense of place with dialogue and through carefully observed description. As an academic and technical writer, I strive for clarity and accuracy with an awareness of my audience.

Biographical Information

I live and work in Oakland, CA. I’ve been an educator, writer, and artist for more than 10 years. A graduate of the Art Academy of Cincinnati, I am proudest of the solid foundation of technical training that I earned as an undergraduate. I have gone on to study literature, creative writing, political science, and border studies. My work in the far East Bay inspired the development of my expertise in social justice and community organizations with a focus on empowerment. Awarded a fellowship to study Peace and Conflict in Thailand, I now strive to combine all of my talents to better serve my community and respond to the needs I observe daily.

To find out more about my work history and professional background, please visit my LinkedIn page: Maria Tuttle


Self Portrait at 40
Self Portrait at 40