Artist Statement

The technical challenge of painting plein air in oils continues to inspire me to explore and respond to the natural world. The theme of a woman in the wilderness is represented in my work at this pivotal moment in my artistic development. However, I see this theme broadening to include a socio-political project involving gender, migration and labor, captured through the plein air process.

I intend to conduct a landscape and ethnographic portrait of the fields and the workers of California’s Central Valley. In preparation for this project, it is important for me to discover not only compelling views but also work towards a portrait of communities and their landscapes.


Choosing Cambodia

Choosing Cambodia  For my first bike ride in Phnom Penh, I rode to get sugar cane lemonade. The seller crushed the cane until its sweetness filled my cup of lemons. I took a drink surrounded by bees and sat on the curb while watching the motorbikes. In Phnom Penh, my goals were simple: to live …